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Bread is not life! Only blood!

Laeniel is a worshipper of Abraxas found in Cosy Dwelling at Aleroth in 1300 AD.


Laeniel is a worshipper of Abraxas residing at the Cosy Dwelling on Lanilor Lane, along with his housemates, Tom, Anne, and Hansel. The door to his room is locked.

You may first hear of Laeniel from the talking tomato during Seahorse Salad, or from Hansel (if he is mindread prior to completing Trail of Deceit). Other clues lead you to believe he is involved with the Black Ring. If you meet Laeniel's housemate Tom and accept the quest Beauty and the Beast prior to confronting Laeniel, he will also tell you that weird things go on in Laeniel's room.

Interactions with player character[]


You can mindread him for 22500 exp to gain +1 to your Summon Demon skill:

I am a summoning master! Demons obey my commands!


Laeniel's Room Key[]

You need to battle Halliwell upstairs at the Circle of Trust Inn to progress Clue I of To Find a Wizard. Mindreading Halliwell prior to the fight confirms your suspicions about Laeniel's misdeeds - he too is a demon worshiper and a member of the Cult of Abraxas. After your battle with Halliwell you obtain the key to Laeniel's room.


When you take the key back to the Cosy Dwelling on Lanilor Lane and open Laeniel's door, you find him sitting on the floor. He has several corpses in his room, both on the ground and hanging from the rafters, and a pentagram drawn in blood with candles at the points.

Approaching Laeniel automatically begins a conversation.

After the brief conversation in which he speaks of Abraxas and Behrlihn, Laeniel summons possesed corpses to defend him. You may find it beneficial to summon your creature or any other minions (Summon Demon / Summon Ghost / Summon Undead) to help mitigate some of the aggro, and keep moving around the room.

After the fight, loot the key from the statue on the table in order to get the Dragon Wizard Leggings from his chest. A Blood-stained Letter from Halliwell can also be found near the bed.