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So, we meet again. The usurper and my erstwhile slave come to claim my Battle Tower.

Laiken is a human necromancer who has lived for several centuries but makes his appearance in 1300 AD.


Laiken is the most powerful necromancer in Rivellon and according to Lord Lovis, his power is second only to Damian himself (whom he considers a rival). He is also the client to many of the bandits that roam Rivellon, who take whatever loot they find and give their bodyparts to Laiken so that he may use them for his necromantic experiments and thus bolster his undead army.

In order for Laiken to have taken control of the Battle Tower, some 200 years after Maxos vanished, he needed to undo the spell that Maxos had placed upon it. To do so, he needed the blood of a loved one. That special someone was Sassan, his personal and reluctant concubine. Due to her not satisfying him, and being the insane, perverted wizard that he is, he proceeded to gather female bodyparts and create a replica of his beloved Sassan. This "new" Sassan was not nearly as attractive as the old one, but even so she satisfied Laiken's needs.

As Sentinel Island was now under Laiken's rule, the island changed from a wondrous land filled with draconic magic, to a mad circus of death and insanity. In order to achieve immortality, Laiken Soul Forged himself with the immortal demon, Razakel.

The ex-Dragon Slayer chances upon him during The Temple of Doom quest after entering the portal in the Bandit's Cave. At first, he assumes the Dragon Slayer had came to apply as his new corpse delivery person. He quickly panicked when he realizes the new Dragon Knight had come for his Battle Tower. He then shoved the bemused Dragon Knight back to the portal and collapses the ceiling. Such action was futile, for he would still meet his end upon the next time meeting the Dragon Knight.

Interactions with player character[]



Soon I shall unlock the the powers of the Dragon Stone and I will be a Dragon Knight in reality as well as in role
After Defeating Jagon
First I kill them, ah yes, KILL THEM and then, then I get it from the chest, and then, then… it can begin.
chest will appear behind the throne containing his sword and other useful items

Hall of Echoes[]

Divinity 2 Laiken and Razakel

Laiken and Razakel at the Hall of Echoes

Praise be that this hour has come. I have filled books with fantasies of torturing you: a library of pain. Finally I can put theory to practice.
in Hall of Echoes

Laiken and Razakel are fought again, together this time, at the Hall of Echoes arena.

Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance[]

In Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance it is revealed in a letter titled Dirty Scrap of Paper that Laiken secretly fathered a child with the bandit known as a "Cutthroat" Carmina.