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Razakel escaped and headed up to Laiken. Now there is but one course of action open to us: to face Laiken himself.

Laiken in his Lair is a main quest received after defeating Razakel for the first time in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.

Quick Walkthrough[]

  • Damage Razakel below 40% of Health
  • Speak with Sassan
    • Decide on her role during incoming combat (Healer, Summoner, Damage)
  • Run down the hallway and take the elevator up.
  • Speak with Laiken
    • Mindread Laiken to make a chest appear behind the throne (optional)
  • Kill either Razakel or Laiken
  • Enter the Skill Training Arena and take the Dragon Stone

Detailed Walkthrough[]

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Ego Draconis version[]

Dragon Knight Saga version[]

  • Default: 3000 experience, 850 gold
  • Extra (2 choice): 1500 experience, 425 gold, 1 random moderate quality potion, 1 random minor quality charm, 1 random heroic quality shield, 1 random heroic quality necklace
  • Battle Tower and all of its services are unlocked
  • Dragon Form unlocked
  • Dragon Stone


  • At the start of this quest before you fight Razakel and Laiken, you can mind read Sassan for 1400 exp to gain one stat point.
  • Before you kill Laiken, you can mind read him for 1400 exp to reveal a chest behind his throne after he dies.
  • Note: All quests on Sentinel Island (except Legend of the Ancient Mariner) and in Broken Valley are marked as closed or failed
  • Note: All locations previously accesible on foot in Broken Valley are inaccessible, this also counts for all dungeons on Sentinel Island outside the Battle Tower.