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Lanilor's House is the home of Lanilor in Aleroth.


There is only single floor and garden outside. Outside the house is a rake, barrel, bucket of water and red and yellow mushrooms. Inside the house upon entry is a cupboard to the left and to the right of the door to the rear a shelf. Further inside there is bookcase and couple bookshelves, the dryanka tea recipe is found on the lower bookshelf. Next to the bed is the book Lavender. There are also a couple more cupboards around the living area, all holding random items. Some furnishings inside the house are elven.

In the garden there are various herbs, including drudanae, a book about Natural Alchemy, three empty flasks, as well as red mushrooms under the table.


  • It's not allowed to sleep in Lanilor's bed even after he relocates to Blue Boar Inn.


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