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The ship

Legend Of The Ancient Mariner is a side quest given by Turgoyn the historian on Sentinel Island. Turgoyn is looking for a way to obtain the journal of a legendary pirate located in a wrecked ship on top of a gnarled tree. The only way to get to it is to first complete the main quest line until you gain full access to your Battle Tower. Morph into a dragon, fly to the wrecked ship and morph back dropping your character onto the ship. You will find the Ancient Journal in a chest below the deck (this chest also contains The Legend of Ulfmar the Mariner and Other Stories - Volume 1, and the Hunter Helmet, part of the Hunter armor set).

You have two choices: Either turn in the quest to receive the reward (Turgoyn is now at the waypoint "Battle Tower Shrine"), or fail the quest by reading the Ancient Journal yourself to gain two skill points.