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Legionnaires at the Church, (renamed Expedition Church in the Definitive Edition) is a quest available in Divinity: Original Sin.


Aureus, the watch commander, dispatched a unit of guards to the old church of Cyseal, but he has not heard from them since. He asks you to look into the matter.


  1. Leave Cyseal through the North East gate right next to Legionnaire HQ. Head North for a bit until you reach the ruined water mill. Inside the mill, you will find two frightened undead, Blossius and Livia.
  2. Speak to Blossius to learn that all the legionnaires sent to the church are either dead or have been turned into undead (840 XP). Blossius will also give you the quest The Legionnaire's Will.
  3. Report back to Captain Aureus at Legionnaire HQ to complete the quest (600 XP)
  4. NOTE: In the Enhanced Edition, you may have to talk to Selenia in front of the Cook's House to complete the quest.


  • 840 XP after talking to Blossius
  • 600 XP when you report back to Aureus


  • The Legionnaire's Will can be completed when you progress to the next area (Silverglen).
  • While this has no bearing on this quest, you can speak to Livia for additional information about how the legionnaires died.