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Letter to Afrasam is a quest item and manuscript in Divine Divinity


To Agnus Afrasam, the Ducal Inn, Verdistis.

Dear uncle Agnus.

Thank the Holy Gods! We are still alive. The last orc attacks were terrible and destroyed the whole village. Our house lies in ruins, but we're lucky just to be alive. Our neighbours died in the flames and Conroy, the landlord lost his eldest son. We're going to leave this area soon and we'll head towards Stormfist Castle. The Duke has got to help us or we'll die. Then we will try to reach my brother in The Farmlands. May the Holy Gods guide us.

I hope this letter will reach you dear uncle, but it has to pass the battle grounds. So, if it ends in the stomach of some stinking orc, I hope the ink poisons it.

I day dream of when we will meet again in better times. Please send us some gold if you can spare any, we have lost everything of value. Either way, may the Holy Gods bless you and keep you safe.

All our love,


Given by Harriet in quest Deliver a letter.