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A single spark hovers delicately within this iridescent, enchanted orb.

Life essence is a crafting component in Divinity: Original Sin and Divinity: Original Sin II.


Life essence is an ingredient used for crafting items such as resurrection scrolls.


  • High quality life essence
  • Alien quality life essence



Following table shows all creatures which have a chance to drop the item upon death. Highlighted creatures in this table have 100 % chance to drop said item. Note that creatures may drop other items as well.

Creature Location Creature Location
Saltwater Crocodile Icon (DOS2)
Saltwater Crocodile
Fort Joy Ghetto


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Following table shows all items for which this item is used for. Note that for more powerful Polymorph scrolls a better quality Life essence is required. If the scroll utilises base Life essence it is possible to use higher quality essence as substitute. In short you cannot use Life Essence in recipe requiring Alien Life Essence or High Quality Life Essence.

Items craftable with Life Essence
Item Type Item Type
Bull Horns Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Bull Horns Scroll
Polymorph Scroll Chicken Claw Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Chicken Claw scroll
Polymorph Scroll
Spread Your Wings Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Spread Your Wings scroll
Polymorph Scroll Chameleon Cloak Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Chameleon Cloak
Polymorph Scroll
Tentacle Lash Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Tentacle Lash
Polymorph Scroll Heart Of Steel Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Heart of Steel
Polymorph Scroll
Resurrection Scroll
Resurrection Scroll
Special Scroll Blessed Water Barrel
Blessed Water Barrel
Miscellaneous Item
Items craftable with High Quality Life Essence
Item Type Item Type
Spider Legs Scroll (Original Sin 2)
Spider Legs scroll
Polymorph Scroll

Items craftable with Alien Quality Life Essence
Item Type Item Type
Equalise scroll Polymorph Scroll


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