Life Tap is a skill that can be used by human characters.

Life Tap Pic
Skill Text: "As you become a powerful wizard, you may find yourself in a situation in which you‘re casting all sorts of spells while you stay at a distance – unharmed and unthreatened. The problem is that your magical energies may start to run low. The solution: simply transfer some of your life energy to your magical energy and you can keep enjoying the grisly spectacle you create."
Skill Level Life Lost (%) Mana gained per Point of HP Lost Mana Cost Cooldown (seconds)
1 10 2 0 60
2 10 2.5 0 60
3 10 3 0 60
4 10 3.5 0 60
5 10 4 0 60


  • All spells can be cast regardless of which items the player is holding.