Description Edit

Jumps from one enemy target to the other, stunning them and dealing X-Y air damage.

Jumps from one enemy to up to 3 nearby enemy targets. Move like lightning from one enemy to the next, and go right through them dealing air damage. Cannot target terrain. Caster will be moved behind last target.

30% base chance to set DOS Status Effect StunnedStunnedCannot Move or Act

Tips & Strategies Edit

  • With low stun chance and the fact that this drops you into melee range of the last enemy hit, it is advisable to use this more on Battlemages and less with Glass Cannons
  • Due to any stun chance, though, using Willpower Loss or something similar, especially on DOS Status Effect WetWet+30% Chance to be Stunned
    -20% Air Resistance
    +10% Fire Resistance
    Wet + Chilled = Frozen
    targets, makes this a much safer option.
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