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Like Father Like Son is a side quest in Divinity: Original Sin.


  1. Approach two trolls east of the Goblin Village Waypoint Portal - Archibald and his son Amadeus
  2. Refuse to pay the toll for +1 Independent and kill Archibald (6000 XP).
  3. Pay the toll for +1 Obedient (no XP).


  • If you kill the Troll King before approaching Archibald, he will then declare himself the new Troll King, leaving the bridge open to you and giving you some loot as a reward (4000 XP).
  • If you've killed the Troll King after meeting with Archibald, ask him about the Troll King once again.


  • 6000 XP if you kill Archibald
  • +1 Independent or +1 Obedient.
  • 4000 XP and some loot if Archibald becomes the new Troll King