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Once cast upon your opponent, their limbs become like lead and they are slowed to a crawl.
Skill description

Limbs of Lead is a Mage skill in Divine Divinity.


Slows target's movement speed. Only hostile targets can be targeted. An affected enemy has a yellow halo on it, which shows even if enemy itself is not visible. If succesful, the Energy Cage is a better approach.

Rank Required level Effects Mana cost
1 5 Target slowed for 2 time units 5
2 11 Target slowed for 4 time units 8
3 17 Target slowed for 6 time units 11
4 23 Target slowed for 8 time units 14
5 29 Target slowed for 10 time units 17


Skillbook can be found on bookshelves or bought from NPC's.