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It’s not that I mind this uneventful life, but I do hope to see the cities one day and maybe even meet an interesting man. I just hope they’re not all like that Champion Ricky or something. I said hello and he pinched my… Well, a lady shouldn’t tell.

Linda is Upton's daughter. She is located on the second floor of the watermill in 1300 AD.


Linda collects the grain from Jackson's farm (with an armed escort, provided by Peavey and Quincy). Although she enjoys the quite life, she hopes to be able to see the cities one day and potentially even an interesting man.

She has had an unfortunate encounter with the Champion Ricky, who pinched her in a place she will not mention when she merely said hello to him.

Interactions with the Player Character[]



Oh, why did I have to lose my coin purse in the chapel? I just hope I can sneak back in before Father Dominic 'collects' it.
Spawns her misplaced coinpurse in the chapel beneath the pulpit. Can be returned for 100 exp or kept for 100 gold.

Related Quests[]

  • Buad Blood - Linda will advise on who to speak to about strange occurrences in the village and will fight against Antumbra when she comes to take her father's life.