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Lord Linder Kemm is the leader of the paladins in Arx.


Lord Linder Kemm is a leader of paladins on Reaper's Coast and Stormdale area and husband to lady Paulina Kemm . Firm and strict he is a respected man with strong dislike for magisters especially since the dispute over the right to bury Lucians remains.

Between 1233 and 1242 AD to whom he swore his loyalty to the God King for "a world dominated by the worthiest bloodlines across the ages."

By the year 1242 AD he became estranged to his wife, dispassionate and cold-hearted. For some time he tried to persuade Lord Arhu to let him enter the Crypt of Lucian but was each time refused and so he wrote a letter with invitation where he invites Arhu to his mansion to "discuss this issue". However after Arhu arrives he has him imprisoned and tortured by Black Ring cultists in order to give up the information.

When he receives a message that Magisters were colluding with the Black Ring he uses it as an excuse to completely wipe out all magisters in Arx.

He is killed when Godwoken attempt to rescue Arhu. He is briefly brought back as an undead when Braccus Rex opposes Lucian, Dallis and Godwoken, however he meets his end when Braccus Rex is defeated.

Interactions with player character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant
  • You need 6 points in persuasion if you want to persuade Kemm to not execute Paladin Deselby
  • Possesses a unique shield Kemm's Deflector which can be looted from his corpse upon his death in Arx

Related quests[]

  • The Last Stand of the Magisters
  • Finding Lord Arhu
  • The Vault of Linder Kemm


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