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Look at it: a precious band, its jewels sparkle as did her eyes

Livia's Ring is a unique piece of jewelry in Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance. It can be acquired after completing the quest Bark up the Right Tree to gain access to Crow's Nest. You'll find the ring in a small box at Decimus' House, southeast of Crowell's House.

The ring is needed for both Eternal Commitment offered by Decimus at the Healers' House and Sinister Motives offered by Astridax on Lanilor Lane. You can turn it in to complete either quest, failing the other.


  • Due to a bug the ring can be sold to a merchant, but still used to complete one of the related quests even when you no longer have it.
  • The ring is not flagged as a quest item in-game.