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The lizards residing mostly in their long-lived and highly esteemed Ancient empire, are a proud (some say arrogant) race with an abundance of cultural and capital wealth. Competitive, practical and traditional, lizards pride themselves on excellence, from their bloodlines to their dress, to their goverment and to their god.
Modern Chronicles of Reapers´s Coast by Cranley Huwbert

Lizards are one of the seven sentient races who inhabit Rivellon.


Tall and lean with good constitution lizards spend most of their life time taking care of their bodies, carefully implementing a rigid sport and nutrition regime improving their physical and mental prowess bringing their person to its pinnacle[1]. Their height ranges from 6 to nearly 7 feet and weight between 130 and 230 pounds. Lizards are cold-blooded and born from eggs. It should be noted however that any comparison to snakes, toads and turtles is regarded as a great offense and is met with swift retribution as lizards believe they are descended from Ancient dragons themselves[2].



The God Zorl-Stissa in her lizard and dragon form

Lizards have an empire ruled by three houses: House of War , House of Law and House of Dreams . The empire in turn is ruled by an heir from House of War royal bloodline[3].


Lizards mainly worship their creator Seven God Zorl-Stissa to whom they pay tribute with their feats be they from war or other area as Zorl-Stissa values perfection. Lizards also pay tribute to the Divine One since he is regarded as an Avatar of all of the Seven Gods .


lizard house

Family is the primary unit in Ancient Empire and is mainly regarded as a means of continuing and preserving each of the progenitors lineage. This means that when comes the time for a lizard to choose a partner they mainly judge qualities as position, fitness, attractiveness, intelligence and dimplomacy. Love in Ancient Empire is mostly considered as a bonus[4].

This implies that any physical, mental or emotional handicap are considered as extremely shameful and some extremist parents would go so far as to murder their child than have their bloodline polluted with imperfection. The ideal of perfection begins with blood and extends to all of the family aspects as parents push their children to excell in all areas of life. Especially in sport, intelligence and social activities.[5] Lizards are also highly competitive as there can be only one on top. This leads to high- profile or bloody rivalries which can get solved either by House of Law or House of War[6] Thanks to the ideal of perfection the Ancient Empire has some of the finest athletes, warriors, scholars and artists across Rivellon but at the same time produces the highest number of exile and disinherited castaways[7].

Notable Lizards[]

Original Sin 2[]

To most, lizards are as exotic and mysterious as the Ancient Empire itself. The outside world knows them as warriors, philosophers and slavers, to be respected...and feared.

In Divinity Original Sin 2 you can play as either custom female or male lizard or as the Red Prince.

Racial Talents[]

Racial ability[]

Divinity Original Sin: The Board Game[]

In Divinity Original Sin: The Board Game you can play as Red Prince or Farzanah.

Divinity Fallen Heroes[]

In Divinity Fallen Heroes the player can have the Red Prince (Emperor) in their party during mission or other unnamed lizard Godwoken.


  • This description for lizard in creation tab is used in early access:
Lizards of the Ancient Empire are cultured aristocrats - Source adepts who follow the rules of law. Outsiders see their society as elitist. Lizards see outsiders as servants.



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