Looking for Lovis is a quest given after the encounter with the 'dragon'.

Description Edit

You must find Lovis, who is located at the lower-top area of Lovis' Tower. Once inside turn left and jump over the rubble. Then turn around to face a corpse with a scroll on the body needed to reveal the way down into Lovis' Chamber. By his throne, read the book and answer a few questions to summon Lovis. The answers are as follows:

  1. 3 - Anastas, queen of ancient Ferol.
  2. 1 - Ouroboros, god of Dragons.
  3. 1 - The Battle of Ten Thousand in which he slew more than six hundred foes and three Black Ring Generals.
  4. 3 - Ba'al, the Arch Demon who raided this valley.
  5. 2 - The Valley of Shrines.

Reward Edit

If you give all the answers correctly, you will receive Lovis' Pendant.

The default reward is 2250 exp and 720 gold, and one choice from another 563 exp or 360 gold.

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