Dragon Slayer Lord Arben was on the most known, recognized and powerful Dragon Slayer ever to exist. He led the invasion of the Orobas Fjords, and thus, the fall of the Dragon Knight Orobas.

At the last years of his life, he retreated to Broken Valley and died because of aging in the solitude of a crypt underground the Church.

Lord Arben's GhostEdit

Lord Arben Ghost

Level 5

Lord Arben is the ghost the Dragon Slayer is bound to defeat at the beginning of Divinity II: Ego Draconis. At the end og the battle, he hands you over Lord Arben's Sword and tells you that, until Talana, the last Dragon Knight, is slain, he can rest in peace in the Hall of Echoes.

  • Mind read: to find out where his shield is, in Orobas and how it must still be there. It will appear in the quest Down the Hatch. Once in the Orobas Crypt check the very back of the room.