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Lord Lovis has asked me to retrieve his Soul Stone from a certain Amdusias who resides in the Maxos Temple. With it, he can end his ghostly existence and find peace at last.
The Dragon Knight

Lost Soul is a side quest accepted from Lovis in Lovis' Tower. He asks you to enter Maxos Temple, complete a series of puzzles, kill "the dragon" Amdusias and retrieve his soul.

Quick Walkthrough[]

Detailed Walkthrough[]

Enter Maxos Temple and complete first three puzzles in order to unlock teleport leading to Eternal Maze puzzle. After completing the final puzzle you must complete the quest Dragon No More in order to obtain the Soul Stone.

Return to Lovis and give him his Soul Stone in order to complete the quest and receive a reward from him.


Ego Draconis version[]

  • Default: 1650 exp, 360 gold
  • Extra (1 choice): 360 gold or random magical items
  • Unlocked armor chest: Bone Dragon Claws piece, random items from potions to jewels

Dragon Knight Saga version[]

  • Default: 1200 experience, 300 gold
  • Extra (1 choice): 600 experience, 150 gold, random limited/lesser quality potions, random drink/food
  • Unlocked armour chest: Bone Dragon Claws piece, gold, potions, ore


  • It's recommended to save before turning the quest into Lovis so you can reload until you get something you like.
  • See Maxos Temple for how to solve the puzzles.
  • See the quest Dragon No More for how to kill Amdusias.
  • Doing this quest gives you less experience as compared to In Cold Blood, which is in direct conflict with this quest.