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This quest is accepted from Lovis in Lovis' Tower. He asks you to enter Maxos' Temple, complete a series of puzzles, and kill the dragon Amdusias.

Once inside Maxos' Temple you have the option to either:

  • Talk to Abalam and accept the quest In Cold Blood, in which he asks you to destroy Lovis' soul at the Blood Altar, forever trapping him in his tower. The quest reward is a choice between 1650 exp or 360 gold, and automatically fails the related quest Lost Soul. Afterwards, if you return to Lovis, needless to say he will be angry and summons three level 14 skeletons to kill you, then teleports away.
  • Or returning Lovis his soul and receiving a default reward of 1650 exp, 360 gold, and one choice from either 360 gold or random magical items. In addition he will unlock his armor chest next to his throne where you get the Dragon Claw armor and random items from potions to jewels.

It's recommended to save before turning the quest into Lovis so you can reload until you get something you like.

See Maxos' Temple for how to solve the puzzles.

See the quest Dragon No More for how to kill Amdusias.