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Room on fire

Switch for the Scrying Stone

This quest is accepted from Romon. You need to enter the very top room of Lovis' Tower and collect an item from the room where Lovis' former smith, Carlin is located.

  • The item will be revealed when you press a switch that is located in the burning room of fire. See the picture on the right.
  • You may then leave as the locked door is now open, or open your inventory and use "Lovis' Scrying Stone".
  • If you used the stone, you appear in the lowest room of Lovis' Tower and get attacked by Toshan, one of Lord Lovis's angry workers or slaves or something. You can mindread him for 400 EXP (level 1 mindread) to get a stat point.
  • You fight him regardless of your chat option. After the fight you can either leave or interact with a couple of pedestals to lower some items to pick from. Note that each pedestal will summon a platform and three level 8 enemy mobs.

To lower the loots, jump up on the platform and press the button to claim you prize. (only one item may be taken):

A skill book is lowered at the same time as the other items and may be found in the southeast (SE) corner of the room you teleported into.
  • Finally, return to Romon for a default reward of 1350 exp and 240 gold and one choice from random rare items.

Note: If you returned the stone to Romon instead of using it, he will still disappears. Returning to the Rivertown Chapel will start a cut scene in which Geoff reveals that Romon is missing, initiating the quest Into thin Air.