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Once a glorious battle tower, Lovis' citadel tower is now a cacophony of ancient tricks, traps and puzzles, some obvious, some hidden from plain view. The tower is not the sort of place a night stalker should consider infiltrating, despite the draw of rumours about treasure rooms packed to the ceilings with priceless artefacts from a more opulent age.

Not all of those that have fallen foul of Lovis' collection of traps have remained in the world of spirits; however, it is said some still walk the halls of the tower amid the darkness, with only the barest of flesh left on their bones, and vengeance the only motivation present in what's left of their fragmented minds.

Ego Draconis website description[1]

Lovis' Tower is a battle tower formerly occupied, now haunted, by the Dragon Knight Lovis and his servants.


After climbing the ladder up to the bridge, head toward the tower itself; inside the archway of the tower the Citadel Shrine is located. The exterior spirals up around the tower, but throughout the gates upwards are locked. The first gate can be unlocked by jumping on the platforms just within the entryway, using the rubble to the right to gain the initial height for the reach the first platform, jump to the second platform and on the third is the level opening it. Drop back to ground level and jump on the first platform on the exterior wall, from here jump across the two platforms on the interior wall to the final platform on the exterior wall for the lever. Dropping back down to the ground again, the lever to main gate is by the gate itself; it is possible to bypass this and the first section as opposed to coming from the bridge by moving to the left of the gate's exterior archway and jumping to the exterior wall.

in the third section it isn't possible to unlock the gate, so take the ramp against the exterior wall to the platform outside and climb the ladders. At the top of the ladders is another gate, with 4 dragon statues leading up to it. Each statue has a button below the dragon head, push the first two buttons in order, then the button on the furthest statue and double back to the third statue to open the gate.

Through this gate there is the option to take the ramp up or down; follow the ramp upwards to Lovis Dungeon, or take the ramp down to continue onwards, climbing the ladder down and jump off the platform back to the spiral ramp. Directly ahead is the door to Lovis chambers; however by turning left the lever to the final gate can opened, allowing a direct path upward. To the right of this gate there is an opening to an exterior platform (which can be used as a landing point after the Black Ring releases the deathfog into the valley) and to the right of the statue is a box containing Penelope's Amulet, which can be taken to her grave down hill from Sosostra's caravan in Broken Valley

Lovis Dungeon[]

In the dungeon, there 4 alcoves, each one with a button on the rear wall to the right; each of these buttons will apply a temporary status effect. In the second alcove to the right there are two chests, the alcove second to the left a single chest and Carlin, Lovis' blacksmith can be found. In the alcove immediately to the left on the wall appears empty, but by turning right the wall has crumbled and contains another two chests. The wall directly opposite the entrance has a fire behind it and can be entered by jumping on the fallen pillar; here there is another button, which when pulled causes Lovis' Scrying Stone to appear in the main chamber.

Lovis Chambers[]

The entry to the chambers is circular in shape, with an outer ring. The inner section is accessible and there appears to no means to progress, however, by going right and following the path round until it is obstructed, a corpse carrying the reveal spell can be found underneath the rubble. Using the spell will reveal a level, which when pulled will reveal the section stood upon is in fact an elevator.

The elevator drops down into the tower's throne room. Taking the steps up then going around the upper perimeter left will reveal two chests; doing so to the right will reveal an additional two chest, with the furthest containing the Blood Echelon sword. by the throne is a book upon a pedestal, which when read will ask if one seeks an audience with Lord Lovis. The chest to the right of the throne can be opened only by using mindread on Lovis.

Vault of Anguish[]

The Vault of Anguish can be entered by either knowing the password, or staring into Lovis' Scrying Stone. from the entrance, head down the stairs into the water, directly to the right is pedestal and to the far left, before the archway. Through the archway is another, smaller section containing the dusty journal and if given Lovis' Scrying Stone before, the corpse of Romon.



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