Lucian the Divine One is the canonical player character in Divine Divinity. A human who ascended to divinity in 1218 AD, he is an integral part of Rivellonian history and the events take place during the Age of Chaos.

Background[edit | edit source]

Origins of the Divine[edit | edit source]

Prior to 1218 AD, very little is known about Lucian; however, it is known that he was not a perfect person, as his history with the law can attest.[1] In 1218 AD, Lucian's fate was drastically changed. Initially a man of little renown throughout Rivellon, he was marked by the gods as one with potential to become Divine. Due to this, he was targeted by the Black Ring, who attempted to kill him, to prevent a Marked One from ascending to divinity. Left for dead, his body was discovered by a white cat (later discovered to be the mage, Arhu) who brought the fallen hero's plight to the attention of Joram a healer in Aleroth. Upon recovering and waking up in the bed in Joram's basement, Lucian discovered the situation the village was in: surrounded by orcs and their healing ability severely restricted due to Source becoming tainted. To add further to the village's problems, their leader, Mardaneus had seemingly gone mad.

After aiding the village by releasing Mardaneus' mind from the grip of the necromancer Thelyron Hashnitor, he seeks to leave Aleroth, however, he encounters Seth, a knight of the ducal army at the gates, seeking the assistance of the healer's with curing the plague in Rivertown. Agreeing to contact General Alix to arrange an escort for the healers, he headed south towards the barracks, to pass on Seth's note, leaving the knight in the village to protect it from further attacks. Between the village and the bridge to Rivertown, a second attempt on Lucian's life is made by the dragon rider, John who encountered him by chance. Striking Lucian down with his dragon flame breath. Before being able to strike the fatal blow, Zandalor appeared on the scene, eliminating the dragon rider and restoring the Marked One's injuries. Giving Lucian the instruction to wait for him at the Blue Boar Inn, where a second Marked One, Wouter is waiting, Lucian and Zandalor part ways, as Zandalor has a further Marked One to locate.

Reaching the Blue Boar, Lucian meets Wouter, who advises him that Zandalor has yet to return from Stormfist Castle and that the instruction was given for them both to wait at the inn for him. Lucian, unwilling to wait, heads to Stormfist himself. However, he is turned away on arrival due to not having a letter of invitation. Travelling to the barracks from here, he finally transfers the note requesting escort to Alix, who offers him the opportunity to assist the ducal army. Accepting, Lucian heads south the the destroyed village to liaise with Captain Mitox, who is preventing the orc force from further penetrating human lands. Tasked with poisoning the well by Mitox, Lucian completes his task successfully, finally granting him an audience with Duke Janus Ferol.

Returning to the castle with the intent to find Zandalor with his right of entry to Stormfist, things do not goes as planned. On meeting the young duke, Janus denies that Zandalor came to the castle and grants Lucian the title Lord Protector. Unable to decline with his life intact, Lucian became a glorified page boy, completing inconsequential tasks, of which included delivering a love letter to the duke's concubine, Lela and finding her cat, Ernie, who is, in fact, Arhu; the feline themselves attempting to find Zandalor, advising that the last place the wizard was seen was entering the basement of the castle.

Unable to access the basement, Lucian returns to the Duke, who is about to conduct a meeting with the local leaders. During this meeting, Lucian performs and fails his final assignment as Lord Protector; an assassination attempt is made on Janus, who is forced to defending himself. Elona, seeing this as a failure on the part of Lucian, convinces Janus to relinquish Lucian's title and cast him from the castle. Elona, outside the walls of the castle, reveals herself to be Iona, an agent of the Black Ring. The Marked One is teleported to her secret prison, guarded by two orcs. Leaving him to his fate in custody, Iona returns to her position at the dukes side; unaware that he would be freed by Arhu.

Finally free, Lucian travelled to Verdistis, with the intent of gaining access to the castles with the assistance of the Thieves Guild. Joining the guild, he enters the castle through the basement, where Zandalor and the now deceased Joris, the third known Marked one are pinned to the rear of the basement by the Death Knight, Ryu-Gor and his platoon of orcs. Slipping past the Black Ring squad and reuniting with the wizard, Zandalor requests that the secret vault in the basement is been checked to ensure the Sword of Lies is still living within its confines. Slipping past Ryu-Gor for a second time, Lucian gains access to the vault, discovering that in place of the sword is a dragon toy. Zandalor, concerned at this fact returns both himself and Lucian to the Blue Boar, to reconvene with Wouter and plan their next move. Unfortunately for them, they are a mere moment to late in their return; Wouter is eliminated as they return. As the only remaining Marked One, Zandalor makes the decision for the two of them to initiate Lucian's ascension, by travelling to the Council of Seven in order to locate and summon the other six council members.

Lucian's ascension is is temporarily derailed at the Council. the Succubus is lying in wait, sealing Zandalor in a magic cache and the the Council is filled with the undead. Clearing the Council and defeating the succubus, Lucian used the scrying stones to locate the remaining six council members, Mardaneus, Goemoe, Otho Rignaforoixx, Bronthion D'Anthalis, Antx imps and Kroxy. Locating the council members (and rescuing them), Lucian was only one step away from reaching divinity: the performance of the ritual.

As the ritual took place, Janus invaded the council in an attempt to halt the ritual. Although the majority of the council were killed, the ritual itself was a success. Returning to Rivellon, the lands have almost been dominated by the Ring, Ferol itself laying ransacked. Seeking out the Patriarch, Lucian cons him into giving up the ability to become ethereal. Using this power he infiltrates the Black Ring stronghold at Yuthul Gor. The Demon of Lies, already in the process of reviving the the Lord of Chaos is interrupted by the Divine One and battle ensues, with Lucian coming out the victor. Although unable to prevent Chaos' resurrection, Lucian was faced with his vessel, a young babe. Unable to strike an innocent child down, Lucian instead took it upon himself to take the babe into his care and called him Damian.[2]

Divine Order era[edit | edit source]

On returning to Ferol, he was worshiped by the seven races as a god. Furthering his study into his newly gained powers, he would frequent the The Academy of the Seven as a pupil; here he was considered by his teachers as being 'their finest pupil'. In addition to this, he founded the Divine Order to which flocked various warriors, nobles and paladins and gained control of most of human lands across Rivellon, whilst forging alliances with the other races. At one point Lucian's influence granted him access to the Ancient Empire where he met the Red Prince in his youth during one of the noble parties and taught him conjuration tricks.[3]

During this time Lucian took Damian and settled in undisclosed village near Oakland Woods with his housekeeper Floree who took care of Damian whilst he was away, dog Monty and enormous gray warhorse he called Goliath. Damian showed no obvious signs of chaos infection until his first year when Lucian tried to take his favorite cuddly toy bunny and the toy slipped into fireplace. Damian, before Lucian could catch him, took the burning bunny from fireplace without being burned (much to Lucians shock).[4] After Damian's first year Lucian sired a natural son Alexandar and raised him along with his older brother.[3]

In 1229 AD, when Damian turned 11, Lucian taught him low level protection spells, basic sword play and riding, whilst continuing to shield from his past. In 1231 AD Damian joined the Order, allowing Lucian to travel across the land both in an official capacity and personally, enabling him to enter villages to enjoy "ale and stew by the fire" in taverns incognito.[5] His main objective at this time, was seeking the Black Ring necromancer Kalin. Although he was unsuccessful at capturing the necromancer himself, his paladins were able to capture, then fruitlessly torture him for information about other Black Ring members. Lucian personally executed him.[6]

Between 1229 and 1231 AD he discovered a Rift Temple in the elven lands during his travels and fell through a rift to Earth, apparently accidental on his part, however this was intentional on the part of the god Trogda, acquiring the power to physically sense rifts, although he still could not see them.[1] He sealed the temple with divine net and returned to his home village; where he, after his men advised him that Damian had acquired a love interest, searched for his son and convinced Damian to invite his interest, Ygerna to dinner.[7]

Lucian's first opinions of Ygerna were positive, leaving him under the impression that she knew no more than few harmless spells. Hours later, he awoke in the night to the sound of Damian and Ygerna arguing; Damian left the cottage and didn't return after several days. Lucian rode to Ygernas village, where, in her cottage he discovered she was the Black Ring associate and the daughter of Kalin.[7]

He had Ygerna captured and brought to him, establishing that she told Damian nothing of his origins to him; she merely showed him his potential he has, forced to do so by the Black Ring, however, did so without any regret. Leaving Lucian with no choice but to execute her, Damian arrived as the axe fell and Soul Forged the lovers together, after which, he fled and joined Black Ring, thereby starting the Chaos War with his father.[2][8][9]

The Chaos War[edit | edit source]

You know what to do men. There is not one amongst you who I would not call a friend, and now I urge you, my friends, to take heed when I say that the boy who was once one of us has gone. Do not be fooled by his visage. Take arms against this sea of evil before us, but leave Damian to me. You fight with law and order on your side, paladins, and these virtues will be triumphant on this day of reckoning.

–Lucian addressing his army, Child of the Chaos

By 1233 AD he knew the true nature of the Seven Gods who shared their powers with him. He learned that they gain source through prayers and by devouring souls of the deceased in Hall of Echoes. Angered, he began to rebel against the Seven Gods since he believed that the source of the seven races should belong to them alone.[10]

During the war, his general Dallis found a tomb where lay the daughter of Fane. Fanes daughter killed the real Dallis assumed her identity, by using shapeshifting mask, sought out Lucian and told him everything. Together they created a plan to take down the Seven and restore the Veil.[11]

To restore the Veil, Lucian needed to gain as much source as possible from the Seven and to ensure that no other Divine would arise. To do so Lucian travelled to the Nameless Isle where the Academy of the Seven was located and personally executed the studying Godwoken and used swift poison on their tutors.

Before leaving he wrote on a tablet the truth about the Seven Gods, left it in Chancellors office and locked down the academy.[12] After this he hired Roost Anlon and his Lone Wolf mercenaries to hunt down Godwoken.[13]

Near the end of the Chaos War his order was near defeat. To win the war he told sourcerer Hannag to make a deathfog bomb and lied to his friend and possibly one of his finest men Ifan ben-Mezd to deliver a "portal" to the elves which had been the deathfog bomb.[14]

During the battle or possibly after the bomb detonated he lured Damian into the Rift Temple and rendered him uncounscious by dragging him into the Rift that lead to the world of Nemesis where he used his divine powers to trap him there.[15] Once he returned to Rivellon he faked his death by using his spirit form spell, which he learned from Patriarch the Black, and ordered Arhu to build him a crypt laden with Tenebrium and put various protections in place. After his crypt was built he used the incoming Voidwoken invasion to his advantage by having Sourcerers blamed for their attacks and thereby capturing them more easily.[16]

Source drought and death of the Seven Gods[edit | edit source]

The Void shall be banished. And I, Lucian the Divine, shall return from the dead. A false Divine, of course, I shall have no power. But the world will not know this. I shall demand peace. And we shall have it.

–Lucian speaking with Godwoken heroes, in Divinity Original Sin 2

After Chaos War in 1233 AD until 1242 AD Dallis had with his son Alexandar taken control of Divine Order while he carefully drained the Seven Gods through the bond he had with them. The Seven Gods thought he was dead and blamed the Void for this.[17] After the Godwoken heroes (protagonists of Divinity: Original Sin 2) escape Dallis for the first time he sends Dallis to kill Alexandar which she later on Nameless Isle accomplishes.[18]

When Godwoken heroes get into his crypt under Arx Lucian tells the heroes the truth and asks them to give up their source as it is the only way to stop the Void.[19] It is unknown whether the Godwoken initially agreed but regardless of their response Braccus Rex breaks free, summons undead Lord Linder Kemm, Isbeil, Sallow Man and Kraken to kill the heroes and Lucian. Braccus is after the battle defeated and Lucian uses Aeteran on himself, Godwoken and Rivellon and restores the source to the Veil thereby sealing the Eternals and God King in Void, freeing all Sworn to the God King and returns to the Rivellon and tells the world about the Godwoken heroes whilst hiding the fact he is weakened.[20]

During these 2 years he enforced peace and stopped the almost started war between his order and the Ancient Empire and made amends to the elves.[21]

The Great War[edit | edit source]

In 1244 AD the Black Ring returns this time under the leadership of Damian and uses an army of the dead along with demons from Nemesis and enslaved young dragons to conquer Rivellon. This started the conflict known as the Great War.

During this time Malady steals some of Lucians dangerous "dooms day" magical weapons and he sends his commander (the protagonist of Fallen Heroes) with Lohse and Ifan ben-Mezd after her.[22]

During this war he forges an alliance with Dragon Knights. This tipped the war in his favour until Damian used his magic and charmed the Dragon Knight into back-stabbing him and therefore killing him in front of his troops. This completely broke the alliance between the races, the Order and the Dragon Knights and the order started to hunt the Dragon Knights afterwards.[23]

Dragon purges and imprisonment[edit | edit source]

No doubt you have guessed the truth by now: I am Lucian, the Divine. Quite alive, yet often wishing I was not as I dwell in this half-world, this cageless prison designed to keep me ever conscious and so suffer the torment of awareness. To be a wordless witness to the Damned One´s deeds.

–Lucian speaking with last dragon knight, in Divinity II Ego Draconis

The attack was an illusion and Damian used his knowledge of rifts and trapped his father in crystal prison in Plane of Hypnerotomachia where he promised his father that he would see Rivellon and all he held dear burn and would not be able to do anything but watch. He remained there for five decades and was forced to watch as other races went into hiding, were decimated or enslaved by Black Ring. Meanwhile his divine order paladins like Lord Arben banded in Rivertown cathedral and created the Order of Dragon Slayers which was dedicated to hunt down dragons whom they dubbed "the Betrayers". Watching all this take place had left him with depression and suicidal thoughts.[24]

Liberation and the end of the Great War[edit | edit source]

Then there you came:  A formidable Slayer blessed with the power of the Dragon, but humbled by a mind exposed after a ritual incomplete.

–Lucian speaking with last dragon knight, in Divinity II Ego Draconis

After the newest dragon slayer disciple graduates the academy in 1300 AD and receives dragon powers from Talana Lucian tries to reach the ex-slayer but is unable to do so. When the last Dragon Knight ressurected Ygerna she trapped the Knight in the Plane of Hypnerotomachia with Lucian and he explained the knight what truly happened.[24]

The knight was imprisoned with Lucian for unspecified amount of time during which they became close friends. Lucian was confiding the Dragon Knight about his brief romance with elven beauty Eleanalessa when the spirit of Behrlihn approached them and offered the dragon knight a deal. He would free both the Dragon and the Divine if the Dragon freed him.[25] Unable to refuse Behrlihns offer the knight is teleported to Aleroth. Just before the knight is teleported Lucian warns the knight "to not risk what this thing may beget for his sake" as he mistrusted Berhlihn.

Lucian saw the dragon knight return to the Plane of Hypnerotomachia by Bellegar who tried to imprison the knight few times.[26]

After the dragon knight with an army of Champions of Aleroth and with Zandalors guidance burns down Damians Palace, Lucian sees Ygerna and the dragon knight return to the plane. He tries to persuade Ygerna to give up but she refuses and so he tells her to proceed to her death as he believes the Dragon Knight will win the fight.[27]

Once Ygerna is defeated a stream of white/blue energy along with her soul ascend to Lucians crystal prison and Lucian breaks free when the crystal shatters.

After this he returns with the dragon knight to Aleroth where he is seen exiting the Ministry and greeting his people.[28]

Interactions with player characters[edit | edit source]

Divinity Original Sin 2[edit | edit source]

  • He has a unique opening line and conversation options with Ifan ben-Mezd.
  • Characters with "Mystic" and "Jester" tags have unique dialogue options with him.
  • There are no persuasion options related to him.
  • Lucian cannot be traded with.

Divinity II: Ego Draconis[edit | edit source]

  • There are no persuasion options.
  • All conversation options in Ygerna's memory lead to violence.

Mindreading[edit | edit source]

  • He cannot be mindread.

Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance[edit | edit source]

  • There are no persuasion options.
  • He is first heard speaking during Flames of Vengeance intro cutscene.
  • The conversation options are purely for roleplay and he is talked to twice.
    • Once at the beggining of the game and second time before final boss.
  • He is seen number of times when Bellegar teleports the player to the Plane but he cannot be talked to.

Mindreading[edit | edit source]

  • He cannot be mindread.

Related quests[edit | edit source]

Divinity Original Sin 2[edit | edit source]

Chronicles[edit | edit source]

Divinity II Dragon Knight Saga[edit | edit source]

  • Lucian must be defeated to resurrect Ygerna.

Related Achievments[edit | edit source]

Divinity Original Sin 2[edit | edit source]

  • Risen - Ascend to divinity (become Divine One) 
    • the achievement uses his Classic Edition (and Arena Mode) portrait
  • Supreme Sacrifice - Side with Lucian and let yourself and Rivellon be purged
  • A Wolf Avenged - Ifan: kill Lucian
  • Fool Me Once - Ifan: Forgive Lucian

Divinity II Ego Draconis[edit | edit source]

The Dragon Knight

  • You have to complete the game. To do so you have to kill him in Ygernas memory along with Zandalor and his paladins.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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