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...General Luxurius, the greatest pervert in all of Aleroth. Good heavens, he is a monster, a… a vampire I say, who snatches away each girl his unending lust drives him to possess. Some return with blank, evasive eyes, flushed cheeks and trembling hands laden with the gold that bought their silence. And some, some don’t return at all.

General Luxurius is a champion who resides at Luxurius' Mansion on Lanilor Lane street of Aleroth in 1300 AD.


A notorious womanizer, his ego and deviant desires have grown out of control as of late. His wealth and high rank within the Champions has helped him keep a dark secret: he has began abducting and imprisoning vulnerable women, using them for debauchery. When he is confronted by the Dragon Knight he has no less than five being held prisoner in his chambers, including Anne. He is killed in the ensuing fight, involving both Luxurius and his harem guards.

Interactions with player character[]


* All interaction options lead to violence

Related Quests[]