Madam Eve (D2 FoV character)

Madame Eve

Evelyn, more commonly known as Madam Eve, is a brothel owner in Aleroth during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance. She can be found at her place of business, Madame Eve's on Lanilor Lane, east of Willy's House.

A flirty seductress, she uses her charm to request help in solving the murders of four patrons: Dana, Derk, Folo, and Prince Micheal. The undead creature that committed the crimes has her fearing both for her safety, and for the future of her business. This begins the quest Murders in the Rue Lanilor.

She is the author of a book titled Madam Eve's Charter which details recent happenings at the brothel.

Mindreading her increases your Charm skill by one point, revealing: "How easy it is to seduce for one with my charm."