Malachite Gems are very rare gems that are used for level 10* enchantments. Here are some ways to get them:

  1. Accept the quest The Horror of High Hall from Beatrice and complete it, they will reward you with 2 Malachite gems. If you mindread her as soon as possible in-middle of taking the quest, then ask about the Zagan, after the quest you will get 4 gems instead of 2!
  2. Accept Delicate Affairs quest from Radcliff, and trade the gem you find to the two goblins for a pair of Malachite Gems. --> but you will not be able to upgrade your tower by doing so!!
  3. Buy them from Lamotte in the first chapter of the game. Mindread him first and get them for 1500g each instead of 2000g.
  4. One Malachite Gem can be obtained from the three sleepers in the first chapter of the game in Broken Valley. To awaken all three you will need 1 Beer, 1 Big Red apple, and 1 Health Potion.
  5. One is at the goblin Charlie (after you mindread him) in a small box in the tree house in a small island in Orobas Fjords. --> do not open the chest before to mindread him!! (Notice: Chest appears AFTER the mindread.)
  6. READ AND SAVE BEFORE DOING, BUG PROBLEM: North west from Stone's Flying Fortress. The road on the riverbank, you will get a cut-scene with a man named Carleton. He's a merchant, and has One Malachite GEM! It is the road that stretches from the Depleted Ore Mine. Problem is: when he talks to you, do NOT continue the conversation! press the trade button at once! if not, you can't sell or buy from him. --> this merchant has the MAXOS MALLET, it cost more than 16.000 but is an amazing weapon in the DKS game!
  7. Save before mining each Malachite Vein. Load until you find a Malachite Gem.
  8. Flames of Vengeance: Horace in Aleroth has 3 Malachite Gems (i read his mind, and then started the trade). Agnes also gives one malachite gem, just mindread her, confront her and intimidate her.
  9. Lastly, you can choose to save and reload for malachite gems for any quest rewards which offer gems as rewards, like main quests. Bear in mind this may cost time.
  10. A malachite vein can contain between 0 and 4 malachite gems, 3 is verified to have a chance of dropping but I wouldn't reccomand trying to get 3 or 4 gems because you have about 1/1.000.000 chance of winning the big loot ! :)

*NB. Any level of the Healing Aura enchantments will also consume a malachite gem! This is the exception to the rule that malachite gems are only used in level 10 enchantments.

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