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Malady is a half elf, half demon in 1242 AD.


Malady is a mysterious character who is able to wield Source; however, the powers which are wielded by the Godwoken (specifically bless) are capable of causing her physical harm due to her half demon physiology. Although working with the Seekers to ascend the Godwoken to the position of Divine, she in fact works for another party.

As part of her role of assisting the Godwoken, she will offer favours with the expectation of return payment in the future once the Godwoken has become the Divine One. Siva will advise against returning any favours made by Malady, yet it is not stated what these favours are.

Two years following the purge of Source from the world, Malady seemingly turns traitor against Lucian and the Godwoken and is to stand trial.

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