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For a nightmare that attacks the Godwoken at Horrorsleep, see Malady (Horrorsleep).

Malady is a mysterious half elf, half demon who makes her first appearance around 1242 AD.


Malady is a half demon whose mother is an elf named Loda. [1] She is capable of wielding large quantity of Source; however, the powers which are wielded by the Godwoken (specifically bless) are capable of causing her physical harm due to her half demon physiology. Although working with the Seekers to ascend the Godwoken to the position of Divine, she in fact works for another party. Of the Godwoken, Malady is the closest to Lohse, whom she compares to the "cherry on the top" and helps her defeat the demon that possessed her.

As part of her role in assisting the Godwoken, she will offer favours with the expectation of return payment in the future once the Godwoken has become the Divine One. Siva will advise against returning any favours made by Malady, yet it is not stated what these favours are.

Malady makes her first known appearance after Alexandar's defeat at the hands of the Godwoken whilst escaping Reaper's Eye in 1242 AD, transporting them to Reaper's Coast aboard the Lady Vengeance. Once aboard she is found arguing with Gareth over the disposal of dead bodies where Malady insists they should be just thrown overboard. When approached she remarks that the ship refuses to move and asks the Godwoken to solve this particular problem.

After the godwoken set sail from the prison island they are attacked by Dallis and Vredeman. With most seekers being slaughtered by Vredeman's magic she opens a portal to Hall of Echoes and transports the entire ship and its crew into the land of the dead. After everyone gathered in the ships bellow decks Malady transports the ship back unto Rivellon.

Once in Driftwood Malady instructs Godwoken to seek Meistr Siva while she goes unto Bloodmoon Island to speak with Basatan. Once the godwoken had learned the location of the Nameless Isle and had become the master of the source she can be found back on Lady Vengeance ship.

If the Godwoken had not learned the location of the Nameless Isle, or all source masters were killed before they could have learned from them, Malady will transport them unto Nameless Isle on her own.

While the Godwoken travel on Nameless Isle she bids her time on the ship. She makes her appearance once Dallis and Vredeman purge the source well and saves the godwoken by transporting them along with the ship to the land of the dead, where she will rest for a while.

Once she attempts to transport the heroes back her spell gets interrupted by somebody and the ship along with its crew crashes unto the mountain side near the city of Arx. Afterwards if Lohse is in the party she can be found wandering in front of the Black House in Arx where she will offer her help against the archdemon.

When godwoken arrive at Tomb of Lucian she offers her prayers to them, thereby granting them unlimited source due to the nature of the place they are in.

Once the godwoken heroes became silent monks she took them from the care of Dallis and transported them to Hall of Echoes where she used their source scraps to restore them back.

Two years following the purge of Source from the world, Malady seemingly turns traitor against Lucian and the Godwoken and is to stand trial.

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  1. Dialogue with Malady upon entering Reaper's Coast

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