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Mana is a core attribute that determines a character's magical energy storage. A portion of mana is used with all non-passive skills.

Divine Divinity[]

Intelligence determines how many spells you can cast.
In-game description
Points Description
1-24 ??
25-49 You did badly in school and are easily confused by simple problems. Your mother says that you are more imaginative than intelligent, but everyone else thinks you're stupid.
50-74 ??
75-100 ??
100 and more ??

Intelligence affects only Mana. It can be increased from Charms, Bless, and various Prefixes and Suffixes from gear.

Class modifiers
Class Vitality per constitution point
Warrior 3
Mage 6
Survivor 4

Dragon Knight Saga[]

Your pool of magic. When this drops to zero, you can no longer cast spells until you replenish it.
In-game description
  • Mana is only affected by Level and the Dragon Knights Spirit stat.
  • For every 1 level the Knight automatically receives + 4 mana.
  • The value for Mana at level 1 without armor bonuses is 71
Points Description
1-120 Casting even the simplest spells makes you drowsy and you run the serious risk to accidentally make yourself the receiving end of your own sorceries.
121-200 Your mystic reservoirs are limited at best. The smallest magic is beyond you and you often get splitting headaches.
201-300 Your magical aura is low - about the level of an average human on the street.
301-400 You clearly have had magical training at some point, but don't overestimate yourself: you're no Zandalor.
401-500 Impressive! With a mystic aura like that, you should seriously consider studying new and higher forms of magic.
501 and more O Most Holy! You rival almost the Divine One. Nothing short of a God could wield such a shining mystic aura and command such a variety of magic!