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Manifest of the Peacemaker is a book in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


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Consignor: Anonymous shipping from Fort Joy, north port.
Consignee: Anonymous, delivery to the care of Magister Reimond at the port of Driftwood on Reaper's Coast

Ship: The Peacemaker
Captain: V. Ablewether

Bill of Lading number 004

No. of pieces: 1,348

Weight: 2 ton and one third

Description of goods:
- 1,200 x miscellaneous weapons of ancient origin
- 50 x saltwater containers (empty)
- 50 x conducting elements
- 25 x heavily reinforced barrels
- 73 x crates of mechanical parts

Routing: Direct.

Payment: On delivery.

NOTE: HANDLE CAREFULLY. DEATHFOG WITHIN. Cargo will not be opened, on pain of death. - V.A.