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I was just thinking about someone I used to know. My cousin. The queen, in fact. A tyrant. I tried to stop her but - things don't always go according to plan. She cast me out to a forgotten island, and made short work of my allies, too. Lucky for me, I was able to commandeer a ship, and began a new life for myself, out on the high seas. But I hear the Queen is at it again - and there's something darker behind her madcap schemes this time. If I don't stop her, I don't know who will.

–Marcus Miles, in Divinity Original Sin 2

Marcus Miles is a dwarven character in Divinity: Original Sin 2 and Divinity: Fallen Heroes


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Marcus Miles also known by the nickname "Beast" is a dwarven noble who had between 1233 AD and 1242 AD banded with other nobles and tried to overthrow dwarven queen Justinia. The coup was unfortunately for him a disaster and 19 of his fellow allied nobles were swiftly hanged in gallows. Unlike other nobles he was banished and left for death on some remote and deserted island located on High Seas. After he escapes from the island he gets captured by magisters and by ship Merryweather transported to Fort Joy . 

Related QuestsEdit

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  • Beast can be found sitting by the table on Merryweather ship and later on Fort Joy at shipwreck, west of Fort Joy
  • Beast has two tags: Barbarian and Noble

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