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I have sworn an oath; the same as you. But I will not commit the low-hearted treason you have. Die now, in the name of the Dragon Slayers!
in Hall of Echoes

Marius is a high-ranking Dragon Slayer in 1300 AD.


A veteran Dragon Slayer, Marius is known to have slain a Dragon Knight in the past and will speak openly of his victory against Geldor. He almost had the opportunity to marry Alina of Aleroth, whose mother was encouraging to approach him; however, she choose to marry Servus.

In 1300 AD he is part of the contingent sent to Farglow for the new initiate's induction into the slayers. Once the initiate is inducted as a fledgling slayer, he travels on to Broken Valley following the sighting of the last Dragon Knight, then travelling down to Maxos Temple with all but the new slayer.

After the Slayer turned Dragon Knight travels to Maxos Temple, Commander Rhode commands him and his comrades Gunther and Gene to execute the ex-Slayer. He and his comrades are killed in the ensuing battle with the Dragon Knight.

Unable to find peace he and his comrade Gene challenges the Dragon Knight in the Hall of Echoes arena where he is ultimately defeated by the Knight.

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No need to pry into my thoughts! I'll tell you all you want to know when asked.
You have gained new insights
1 Skill Point in the Hall of Echoes