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Marked Ones are individuals marked as having the potential to ascend to divinity through the method foretold in the Prophecy.


The Marked Ones were first known to be recorded by Ruben Ferol in 611 AD during the second assault of the Legion of the Damned at Stormfist Castle. They were foretold to come to the fore in the next assault by the followers of Lord Chaos as opposed to the current battle.

In 1218 AD, as the Black Ring attempted to resurrect their demon leader by infusing them into the body of a human baby; the gods marked three humans, Wouter, Joris and Lucian; the last of which who finally ascended, the former being killed by the Ring. Although these are the only known Marked Ones, the annuls of history tell of others who ascended in the past, suggesting that this was not the first time such individuals have existed. Those who rose before may have taken the path of the Godwoken instead.