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This old war serpent's still got some fight left in him, especially now that wound is healed...
Matis after he was healed by godwoken

Matis is part of the Seeker contingent sent to Reapers' Eye to rescue Verdas in 1242 AD.


Matis is a seeker and one of the few who survived attack of Dallis at their camp near abandoned harbour. Unfortunately for him he caught an arrow to his side while fighting. When he escaped to the Sanctuary of Amadia Simone attempted to heal his wounds unsuccesfully. Should the godwoken decide to help him he would be very grateful.

Regardless of the godwoken's choice however Matis dies when he, with the rest of the seekers, attempt to capture Lady Vengeance.

Interactions with Player Character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant

Related quests[]