Now there was a wizard, I must admit. He nearly killed me twice during the wars even though he never truly took sides. Chaos or the Council, it mattered not to him: only knowledge and Dragons.


Maxos was the greatest wizard that lived in Rivellon. He once ruled the Battle Tower on Sentinel Island, then he disappeared without a trace.


Divinity II: Ego Draconis Edit

When the Maxos Temple was under his control it was used as a test for the Initiates of the Dragon Knights. It has multiple rooms filled with traps, tricks and challenging puzzles. The Temple is now ruled by Amdusias, Lovis' rival.

Divinity: Dragon Commander Edit

Before the events of the game, Maxos was part of an alliance with Sigurd and The Architect to unite Rivellon under one empire in the name of peace. After this was accomplished and Sigurd named emperor, he witnessed Sigurd and The Architect become enemies over their mutual love for the dragon, and Sigurd's eventual death at the hands of his bastard children.

Maxos was the one who originally hid the commander away as a child, to keep him from becoming corrupt as his half-siblings had. He had the Raven built around the demon Corvus, and mentally imprisoned him there while stealing magical secrets from his mind. Eventually, he sought out the commander to train him and lead a revolution against the other royal bastards.

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  • There is a coffin near the battle tower. Near it is a letter that says: "Bury me in the shadow of the tower. Let me lie forever among the bones of the ancient ones that preceded me." The document is simply singed M. It might be Maxos but since Dragon Knights die in dragon form and the corpse is human it might not.
  • Maxos made a spell that reveals the Hall of Echoes, which can be found in his chamber. This is needed by the Slayer to be able to defeat Damian.

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