Description Edit

Improve damage of melee attacks. Lasts until cancelled or replaced by another stance.

Stance Effect Edit

Damage: +25%
Change to hit: -10%
Extra Action Point cost: 1

Tips & Strategies Edit

  • This has no effect on skills. Only basic attacks made with a melee weapon.
  • Can be toggled on/off as many times as you want in a single round.
  • Chance to hit can be mitigated by the DOS Status Effect BlessedBlessed+30% Chance to Hit status.
  • If you have a 4 AP cost to attack weapon, the 1 AP cost increase increases both AP and Damage by 25%, while reducing chance to hit. So this stance does nothing except lets you use your action points differently. So if you gain 9 AP per turn, because of the zero AP cost and Cooldown, you could activate the stance for one of your attacks in order to use all of your AP each round, rather than waiting for 4 rounds until you can attack 3 times.
  • If you have a greater than 4 AP cost to attack weapon, the damage still increase by 25%, but at 5 AP, it is only a 20% increase in AP cost.
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