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Memory is an attribute in Divinity: Original Sin II.


Memory affects how many spells you can slot at a time. Only spells/skills which have been slotted can be used, so Memory controls how many tactical options your character will have available, making this stat very important for spellcasters and less critical for melee fighters.

The base Memory amount is 10, as it is for all attributes. At 10 Memory a character will have 4 memory slots for spells/skills.

Each point above 10 adds one more slot. For example, at 14 Memory, a character will have 8 slots: the 4 base slots plus 4 more slots for each point of Memory above 10.

Skills and spells which are derived from equipment, race or origin do not require a memory slot in order to be available for use. Only learned spells/skills must be slotted before using. Skills and spells may require 1, 2, or 3 memory slots each, depending on how advanced they are.