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Mendius is a male human found outside King Crab Inn in Cyseal in 4 AR.


Mendius is a member and recruiter in the Fabulous Five. He stands outside the door to the King Crab Inn in Cyseal and will speak to the Source Hunters as soon as he sees them. After asking a few questions he offers them a place in the Fabulous Five.

If the Source Hunters join the Fabulous Five he sends them to take out Arhu's rogue automaton, the SparkMaster 5000; Mayor Cecil has offered a reward for its recovery or destruction. After returning to Cyseal, Mendius is nowhere to be found; speaking to Cecil reveals that he took the reward money and skipped town.

Mendius' dead body can later be found in the Immaculates' Trial Cave. A note on his body indicates he met Loic in Silverglen and got him to agree to his Fabulous Five scam so long as Mendius would join the Immaculates; it seems he entered the Corridor of Bane and was killed by rot.

Interactions with Player character[]

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