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The Merryweather is a Lucian class frigate, operated by the Magisters to ferry Sourcerers to Fort Joy.


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This information relates exclusively to Original Sin 2: Definitive Edition

Upon waking up, the godwoken will be fasted to a table and approached by Magister Siwan who will release godwoken and leave upstairs, if godwoken is undead being, a grinning skull will speak to them and warn them about the hostile hospitality of the living towards unveiled undead.

Godwoken may climb the ladder and follow Siwan or explore this part of the ship. In the room where godwoken wakes up, there are two locked doors on both sides of the ladder. Door to the laboratory part of the deck is locked and cannot be opened by normal means. Behind the other door is a barn occupied by a sheep. To proceed into the corridor, behind the barn, godwoken must take the key from the vase, which is hidden behind few wooden boxes (X:39,Y:-305). In the corridor there is a letter from Siwan on a table and two pressure plates. Godwoken must use their surroundings (if alone) to open the door to the prison part of the ship.

Within the prison, sleeping Magister Rennart guards an imprisoned sourcerer Hemwar who will ask the godwoken to free him if approached. Godwoken may proceed into the laboratory by getting the key from Rennart or by looting a lockpick from a barrel next to a door (X:57,Y:-297). Godwoken may also obtain Electric Discharge scroll laying on stool near the entrance into the prison. In the laboratory there are several healing potions and a door blocked by leaking poison barrel. The door can be destroyed by casting pyrokinetic spell or by placing a lit candle unto the poison surface. Behind the laboratory there is a corridor with unpickable door. To proceed through, godwoken needs to move the lever next to the door. Behind the door is the room within which godwoken woke up and may proceed upstairs by climbing the ladder.

End of information relating to Original Sin 2: Definitive Edition

Within the Merryweather itself, three bedrolls can be found. One is near the sheep in the fore and port corner, near the door entering into the hold and 2 more can be found on a lower bunk in the centre of the hold. Immediately to the port of Ifan, under the crate is a greasy key which opens the door to the scullery. In here, a pocket knife and various consumable items can be found. On the wall to the stern-side of the scullery is a scroll from which six recipes can be learnt. To the stern end of the hold on the starboard side, Magister Payde can be found. Speaking to him gives access to the Magisters quarters where Magister William, along with Magisters Ygritte and Yona can be found questioning the sourcerer Windego.

Following the scene with Wendigo and the Magisters, head up the stairs in the Magisters quarters to the lower deck. To the stern of deck Ricks and Murtof can be found hiding a cabin, with a Source hound in the cabin on the starboard side. The cabin due port of this room has a table and chairs, with a forged painting. continue towards the fore of the ship and the body of Magister Ceri can be found on the port side. On the starboard side, a Magister ranger's body can be found towards the stern and the body of Magister Priest Medwyn towards the fore; his body contains the key to the door marked with a skull and the Captain's note. In the cabin up the steps from Medwyn's body, Fane can be found a second time, this time as an undead being. Through the door with the skull, the room has been filled from Deathfog due to the Kraken breaking through. In here are the body of several magisters and a broken sword, but otherwise nothing of note. head up the starwell on the portside to the Upper Deck.

Upon reaching the upper deck, two viscous voidlings will attack. After eliminating them, head sternward towards the quarter deck and the Kraken will strike again, killing the Magister knight steering the ship and captain Kalwyn. Continue on to the starboard side; opposite the hatch on the port side, there is a boat upon which to evacuate from the ship.

Notable loot[]

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  • Killing NPCs in the Tutorial deck does not yield any experience.
  • Killing the Godwoken will not affect their recruitment later, but their starting inventory can be taken.

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