Description Edit

Create an oil surface. Applies DOS Status Effect SlowedSlowed-64 Movement
-4 Starting AP
-4 Maximum AP
-4 Recovery AP

Removed by:
DOS Status Effect HastedHasted

-4 Movement
-4 maximum AP
-4 start AP
-2 recovery AP

Tips & Strategies Edit

  • Midnight Oil is a very useful crowd control skill. It has a base 2 turn cool down and only costs 3 AP to use, and the slow duration is 2 turns.
  • Most AI will try to path find around it making it an obstacle for enemies. Casting Midnight Oil that touches a burning surface will immediately turn it into more burning surface. If cast with a target in its area of effect while they are on a burning surface, it will still slow them before becoming burning surface. If a burning enemy moves into a Midnight Oil, then the oil ignites and becomes a burning surface.
  • Midnight Oil can be placed on the ground out of combat in preparation, for a fight. If cast continuously, approximately 5-6 Midnight Oil patches can be placed with enough time to initiate battle. When the first Midnight oil is removed from the field, all connected oil patches are removed, thus timing is needed. In co-op the other player can initiate battle leaving the caster more time to get a sixth or even seventh Midnight Oil in place before a battle.
  • When cast on even a little water, the oil disappears in only 1-2 turns.
  • It takes approximately 4 AP to cross a patch of burning surface the size of Midnight Oil.