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You... you, you, you, you...quite lost. Quite lost, quite lost... careful or they'll CROSS YOUR WIRES! Heehee! Now, a little query. Where grows the yarrow? Hmm? HMM? QUICKLY now, for I haven't much time...

Migo is a Sourcerer, turned Gheist on Fort Joy in 1242 AD.


Migo is a large human that has lost most of his mind due to Dallis, The Hammer's experiments and attempt to transform him into Gheist. He is the father of magister Yarrow.Migo, the father of Magister Yarrow, underwent monstrous transformation due to experiments conducted on him. He can be found consuming corpses along one of the numerous beaches in vicinity of Fort Joy Ghetto, at X:257 Y:80.

Interactions with player character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant
  • Offering him a Yarrow Flower (if there is one in the Godwoken's inventory) will calm him down and avoid combat. He will express his gratitude by giving you Migo's Ring. You have the option to present Migo's Ring to Magister Yarrow.
  • Characters with Jester tag have unique dialogue option about Migo being a devoted botanist.
  • Killing Migo gives 1000 experience. Upon death he drops Migo's Breastplate. If he did not bestow the ring upon you earlier, he also drops Migo's Ring.

Related Quests[]


  • Although possessing a notable resistance to poison, Migo is not considered Undead. Consequently, standard healing magic and poison work as normal on him
  • Additionally, he utilizes Enrage (Tactician Difficulty) but only when his health dips below 60%, casting it exclusively on himself.
  • Migo is afflicted with permanent Weakened status, with no known method of alleviation.