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The heavy, gold-plated ring is stamped with the shape of a dragon. Its thinning band suggests it was worn frequently by its owner.

Migo's Ring is a unique ring in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


This ring is one of the first rings found in the game and it is a unique item belonging to the Sourcerer Migo.

It provides a small amount of magic armour and it grants the spell Restoration to the character that equips it, which is quite useful providing a "free" healing spell to the party.


This ring may be acquired by giving Migo a Yarrow Flower or killing him.

Related Quests[]

The Murderous Gheist - The ring may be used to convince Magister Yarrow that you really met Migo at the beach. If used this way, the ring will be lost and may be retrieved only by killing the magister.