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Military Dispatch: Order Number 957Q. Highest Secrecy is a note in Divine Divinity.


The note is give to Lucian by general Alix for the quest Letter for Captain Mitox.


Military Dispatch: Order number 957Q. HIGHEST SECRECY!
From: General Alix, Supreme Commander of Ducal Forces.
To: Captain Mitox, Southern Area Commander.

Mitox, I'm sorry but you'll have to hold on with what you've got. Our Lord Duke has denied me any reinforcements for your area, despite my pleadings. He insists that Stormfist Castle and his own precious hide are more important than the southern villages and their inhabitants. I told him that if your men fall, the orcs will be at his gate within a week, but he simply laughed at me. I considered resigning, but that would leave the young fool in direct charge of the army and, in my opinion, that would guarantee victory for the orcs.
Hold on for a week Mitox. If you can give me that much time I will be able to help you. I'll either convince pretty little Duke Janus to reinforce you, or I'll lead the whole army down there without his permission. I can face the music afterwards - if anyone survives to court marshal me.
Hold hard, my old friend. Hit the greenskins any way you can. I promise I'll be with you by hook or by crook.


P.S. The messenger who carries this letter is a handy freebooter, or I've no eye.