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Military Essays II: A Knight's Life: Part One is a book in Divine Divinity.



Every year the Duke of Ferol chooses a few boys of seven years age who will study to become a Paige. As a Paige the young boys are taught the proper manners and etiquettes of their station. The old knights teach them how to polish their armours and weapons and by the time the boys reach age fourteen they become squires. A squire prepares the meals of the other knights, washes his clothes and dresses him. The day the squire becomes a knight himself, he is dressed in a white gown and sets to praying for several hours at Stormfist Castle. Eventually the squire dresses in his own armour while his own squire hands him his sword. Then the priest of the Church of the Seven Gods shall strike him with the dull side of his blade and ask him to swear loyalty...