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The ability to read the minds of others is given to very few in Rivellon. Powerful though this gift may be, you shouldn't shy away from developing the skill – because obviously it takes a little more experience to read the thoughts of, say, the Arcane University’s dean than those of Doris, the lavatory lady.
skill description

Mindread is a Dragon Slayer skill that can be used by the Dragon Knight in Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga.


Mindread is a Dragon Slayer skill that allows all Dragon Slayers to read the minds of other beings at the cost of their experience. This skill is learnt from Isobel who resides in Farglow and cannot be unlearnt. This skill, originally given and used only by dragons, was discovered by Dragon Slayers after they raided a castle of an unnamed Dragon Knight. [1]


Skill Level Experience Debt Reduction (%)
1 0
2 15
3 20
4 25
5 30
6 35
7 40
8 45
9 50
10 55
11 60
12 65
13 70
14 75
15 100


  • Similarly to the Wisdom skill, Mindread can help you increase in levels quicker (in this case by keeping more experience under your belt per mindread). Keep in mind, however, that the experience rewarded per kill in Divinity II is dependent on both the character's level and the enemy's level. The higher your level, the lower your experience gain will be for killing any given enemy, and vice versa. Due to this mechanic, leveling quickly may not always be desirable, and experience-enhancing skills can be less useful than their raw bonuses suggest.
  • There are also items that increase this skill, which can be equipped just before reading someone's mind.