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Miner Control is a side quest in Divinity: Original Sin.


This quest is obtained when walking by one of the many skeleton miners within the Luculla Mines.

  1. Head northwest from the mine entrance, the rock that blocks the path can be destroyed.
  2. Proceed to the room with a group of Immaculates guarding an idol.
  3. Approach the Immaculates and win the Charisma game (5460 Charisma XP). You can alternatively kill them or do both.
  4. Attack and destroy the idol kill the Immaculates if you haven't already (4500 XP x 3 + 3900 XP x 2).
  5. Speak to the skeleton miners back by the entrance to learn of a password necessary for Investigating The Mines (2730 XP) and to resolve this quest (4550 XP).


  • 5460 Charisma XP
  • 21450 Combat XP
  • 7280 Quest XP
  • Password to enter the deeper mines.