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Minius is a champion found on Lanilor Lane district of Aleroth in 1300 AD.


Sent on a mission with Aulus by Messalina he got into an argument with his friend on Lanilor Lane when they were approached by The Dragon Knight. If Minius is sent to the Temple of Nimir he gets trapped behind a wall, and can be rescued by solving a puzzle after he is rescued then by speaking to Aulus at the Phoenix Inn it is revealed that Minius lied about the events in the temple as he reverses the roles to make himself a hero, saying that he freed the Dragon Knight from the trap. The pair are perhaps more than colleagues, as Madam Eve seems to suggest in her charter, saying they often rent a room in her brothel together, and don't always request a courtesan. Messalina also comments, "I'm thinking they're a bit too fond of each other."

Interactions with the player character[]


Mind reading[]

I wonder what that key is for. But I don’t want to take it from a skeleton’s hand. Those catacombs give me the creeps.
This makes a key to appear.

Related quests[]

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