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Laughter plays upon the Lone Wolf's spirit's lips, but madness flashes in his eyes; his flittering gaze never quite comes to rest on you.

Mudbarrow was a mercenary of the Lone Wolves residing at Cullwoods Mill in 1242 AD.


Mudbarrow was a mercenary of the Lone Wolves who was murdered by his colleague Slumberjack for his gold. He has been haunting her ever since and caused her to speak in her sleep. In death he desires to know where she hid his money. The desire to know the location of his money had driven him on brink of insanity.

He does not believe he will find peace in the Hall of Echoes due to him having been a mercenary of the Lone Wolves and having done terrible things during his life. As part of the quest No Laughing Matter he can be persuaded to go to the Hall, causing him to wish that the Godwoken will put his money to a good use.

Interactions with the Player Character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant

Related Quests[]

  • No Laughing Matter - he wants Slumberjack to reveal where she hid his gold

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