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In every city goods get misplaced and often they end up in poor people's hands instead of rich bastards' cupboards. I am merely a link in the chain that provides this public service.

Mysus is a bandit, found at the Black Market under Lanilor Lane in Aleroth in 1300 AD.


He serves as a merchant at the Black Market, selling armour, jewelry, shields and weapons, including the powerful two-handed sword, Claw of Abraxas. He can also sell unique items (red colored description text), so it’s worth saving first, then shopping with him. Try reloading a time or two to see what he’ll offer, and check back each time you level up to see his renewed stock

Interactions with player character[]


Merchant Inventory


* Sells unique 2-handed sword Claw of Abraxas


Deodatus is a fool if he thinks the treasury is safe! No lock so difficult that I can't break it.
He can be mindread to increase your Lockpick skill by one point


Mysus is a target of the quest A Hunting We Shall Go Once More, offered by Balbus at the Circle of Trust Inn in the Mardaneus Plaza district. You must bring his book of contacts to Balbus to complete the related sub-quest. If killed, you can also acquire the key needed to open Mysus' Chest in the Black Market.

Killing Mysus removes him as trader, but you can still trade with Nerk who is guarding the Black Market's entrance by convincing him that the racket he heard down below was due to you winning at gambling. Otherwise he'll attack you.