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Najaad is a goblin member of the Toad Tail Tribe who is being held captive at the Wild Willows Manor in the Crow's Nest district of Aleroth during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance. He was abducted to be experimented upon and is being held in a cell is in the southwest corner of the northeast wing of the asylum.

Najaad and has a few problems that he'd like you to help out with:

  1. He is parched and needs a drink.
  2. He has been cursed in the form of a troll and needs to return to his normal goblin self.
  3. He would like to be set free.

The first two are covered by quests (see below). After giving him a drink, unlock his cell using the Troll Cell Key, which can be looted from the necromancer's corpse in a nearby room directly to the north. When asked why he doesn't leave, Najaad talks about his curse. He says that he is afraid he'll be killed on sight in the city if he remains a troll, and offers the second quest.


Najaad as a troll (D2 FoV character)

Najaad cursed as a troll

  • Bartender – Najaad is so thirsty he can barely speak. Simply give him any type of drink (does not need to contain alcohol - water or juice is equally good).
  • The Blighted Beaker – His attraction to shiny objects led to him stealing Queen Ormhildr's Cup and being cursed with an unquenchable thirst in the form of a troll. Find the cup in the asylum and return it to its rightful location to remove the curse.

Note: If you do not finish Bartender before returning the cup to its pedestal you will not be able to complete Bartender; it will be stuck in your quest log forever and you will miss out on the rewards.


I drained almost all the powers from that filthy kidnapper and still he bested me!
If mindread as a troll. This increases your Mana Leech skill by one point.
Well done, you saved a goblin. Since when is cannon fodder treated with such consideration?
Spoken by Behrlihn when Najaad is in a form of a goblin.