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*Sigh*. I spent my life singing for my slaves to bring me my supper. Finer fare than boiled roots and rotten tubers, too! Meanwhile, the Magisters feast on honeyed meat behind this very wall. The indignity...

Namiyah is a Sourcerer onboard the Merryweather in 1242 AD.


Prior to being collared and placed aboard the Merryweather, Namiya was a noblewoman, who would "sing to her slaves for supper". On the Merryweather she attempts to cook for the Red Prince, who in spite of her efforts scorns her for cooking with only turnips. She dies after Windego unleashes Source Blast on the ship.

Interactions with Player character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant

Namiyah has unique dialogue if the Godwoken is a lizard or the Red Prince.

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