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Natural Alchemy is a book in Divine Divinity


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The Power of Nature

written by Medicus

Nothing is stronger that the natural powers, because the come directly from the Holy Gods. As they made the world, the Gods instilled their powers into their creation and, even after their sacrificial departure, the Gods remain with us in the natural world and in our own bodies. This is especially true of plant life. Every plant, herb or mushroom that grows has a practical potential, even if we do not yet know all their secrets.

Everybody can and should learn the skill of Natural Alchemy. It gives him the ability to make useful potions or salves that can heal the body, dissolve fatigue or neutralise poisons. It is also simple to profit from these powers. All you need is an empty flask, the right herb and the knowledge how to create the potion.

For example, if you find a bright red herb or mushroom, you are able to make healing potions, strongly blue plants give mana potions and vibrant yellow ones restore your stamina. But beware of bright green plants and some mushrooms, because they have the deadliest poisonous effects.

After studying the plants around my home for many years I now intend to leave and go to the mysterious Dark Forest. I am sure that the home of the Elves - the race most in-tune with plants - will contain much greater natural power than everything I had discovered in my life so far...